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Hello to Bill's corner on the net!

Bill most recently moved his talents to the private sector and dived into the world of entrepreneurship! While he began Offload Studios Inc. in 2005, by 2008 Offload Studios was restructured as a 3D Tactual Production company. At Offload Studios we "Realize the VirtualTM" - in 24 bit colour! And, as usual, Bill and his team have hit another home run! But don't take our word for it - here what The Times reported

Bill as been in the business of helping youth for the past quarter century. As a secondary teacher, Bill's student are in high demand. Over the past decade the New Media / Video Game industry has embraced Bill's student in highly successful and enjoyable employment. The majority of students entering the industry did so directly from secondary school!

But why?

These young energized workers are able to work intelligently independently, they can solve problems with minimum intervention, as team members they will seek leadership roles and will be incredibly active participants with all team members.

The editor of the Vancouver Province referred to Bill's work as an example of what we "need to do to ensure our children receive complelling, quality instruction." And that his course, "help make school more relevant, it could also land some of them jobs." Bill has sat on numerous Provincial curriculum committees developing over 12 provincially approved courses. At the local level, he has created more courses recognized provincially than any other teacher in the district. Nationally, Bill is know for his student's un-paralleled accomplishments in the Computer Animation and Website Design competitions. In 1997, the Prime Minister of Canada had Bill out to Ottawa to chat and present him with the Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence.

Bill is the contemporary Renaissance man. He can design and build complex graphic database driven interactive websites, as well as the house you are living in. He can change the oil in your car or the hard drive in your computer. Replacing leaky plumbing in your walls is as easy as writing curriculum. Steel fab? Fly a plane? Restore an antique truck? Setup an office network and manage all aspects of the technology? You guessed it - Bill can!

Bill Henderson has been an educator in the Abbotsford School District since 1980, and is currently working with Abbotsford Virtual School to develop and present a series of online courses related to content development in the video game industry. Bill's past students, from his bricks and mortar days, are well known for their accomplishments both while in school and after graduation. In Skills Canada Computer Animation Competition his students have received 12 national medals. Bill himself received the Prime Minister's Award for Excellence in Teaching in 1997. Bill's students have been sought after as a result of his approach in teaching and learning. Bill treats his students as young entrepreneurs, providing them with the support and direction to maximize their motivation and interests, while developing a broad based set of skills necessary for the student who will be entering the workforce of the next generation of digital artists and developers.

But Bill's current project and vision are going to be truly remarkable! And from his track record you know success is just around the corner!

Propagating the Entrepreneurial Student.

Distributed learning programs offer students many unique opportunities. They also offer the student a great opportunity to learn in a fashion that will become the norm for their working careers. Bill and his team from DXLAB are developing online content for Abbotsford Virtual that focus on the exciting Interactive Entertainment (Video Games) sector of the industry. The successful learner is one who not only masters the content of the course, but develops the skills to be successful in the workplace. The approach embodies the concept of a community of online learners, but adds to the mix several communications and budgeting expectations. Students discuss and share their ideas as they develop their technical and artistic skills via conferences and extensive forum usage. Teamwork is coordinated and managed by the students themselves. Employers are seeking skilled artisans who also have the ability to budget; budget time, resources, and personnel. Students are provided with the framework to bring personal experience to these topics. In this workshop Henderson will present and discuss the courses and framework developed, supported with examples of student success.

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